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About Our Company

EverGrow Consulting was created to help businesses prosper. Having a clear financial picture is vital to the success of a business. In addition, growth depends on how strong your strategic plan is and how well you implement it. Often, this can feel like you are hiking a mountain and are unsure how to navigate the terrain. We specialize in aiding businesses who need help managing their books regularly, identifying problem areas that could be improved, and the overall health of your business.

At EverGrow Consulting, every package is customizable based on the client’s services. We have also partnered with other small businesses to help with tax filing, marketing, a virtual assistant, commercial real estate, etc.

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Part of Our Team

When a business joins us, we become part of their team. Helping to plan out the next steps, organizing their financial records, and cheering them on along the way. At EverGrow Consulting we are honored to be a part of so many inspiring teams.

More About Hayley

EverGrow Consulting is led by Hayley Dirck Smith, a twin who found her inspiration from her grandmother, a skilled bookkeeper. Her grandmother instilled in her a strong work ethic and an eye for detail, modeling integrity and fairness in pricing. To this day, Hayley consistently delivers more value than she charges. She employs team members, assigns them specific tasks, and closely monitors their success.

As the face of the business, Hayley is genuinely interested in growing every business she interacts with. For her, EverGrow Consulting is more than a name; it’s a purpose. In her mind, she envisions a lush, vibrant landscape representing interdependencies vital for sustained growth, which inspired the name EverGrow Consulting.

Having spent most of her life in Lakeland, Florida, Hayley is an avid networker, actively participating in several local networking groups. Hayley obtained her Bachelors degree in supervision and management from Polk State College and her Masters Degree from Webster University in management and leadership.  Her unrelenting energy and willingness to help anyone she meets drive the continual growth of EverGrow Consulting, powered by her special energy and can-do attitude.